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Dance Rituals

The sounds and vibrations from the medicinal music and instruments will lead this somatic movement and primal dance experience.


Mel will guide you through movements and sounds that are fluid and detached from any preconceived ideas of  ‘form’, creating patterns and shapes learned from evolution (such as reptilian and childlike movements), and organic shapes found in nature.


The sounds and vibrations will help you to navigate the transitions, moving through different planes with a sense of play, wonder and curiosity.


The combination of movement, sounds and music has an impact on the brain, helping to synchronise the left and right hemispheres, deepening intuition and creating new neural connections that stimulate a sharper memory and promote compassion.


On a physical level, this process can help facilitate the unravelling of patterns imprinted from childhood and habits built in adulthood. Awakening the body also helps soothe the nervous system, creating new healthy patterns and boundaries. 


Sounds and Somatics Dance Rituals is best experienced in a group setting, where we can feel united in the process of transformation.


However, the techniques can also be used in One2One sessions, to help people reconnect with their full selves.

Other benefits include:

  • Increase in compassion & love for self and others

  • Self-awareness

  • Blood circulation

  • Regulation of nervous system

  • Development of new and profound ways of moving

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