DJing is an extension of Yes Mel’s self-expression, spiritual practice and love of dance. 

The music selection is created to take you on a journey through time and space, which celebrates genre fluidity and global collaborations.

Here is a section of Yes Mel’s favourite mixes, radio shows and playlists.

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Yes Mel first came on the airwaves  in 2017 with I Am Fya as part of Sista Selecta - a collective showcasing and representing DJs, music and creative sista talent.

Since then, Yes Mel has hosted shows on various radio stations and currently presents a monthly show on Slack City called Beats and Sounds.


Beats and Sounds is an exploration of electronica and percussion from around the globe, flowing from provocative and playful to sensual and stimulating. Often featuring atmospheric vocals and noises, Yes Mel artfully fuses genres - including, but definitely not limited to: Garage, Dance, Hiphop, Folktronica, Breakbeat and Avant-Pop.



Yes Mel is known for eclectic mixes that showcase femme, queer and experimental creators. Heavily influenced by global artists, particularly those from the African diaspora, Yes Mel mixes deep bass lines, euphoric beats, melodic percussion and downtempo rhythms to create a flavour that’s engaging and provocative. 


Seamlessly blending genres and eras to produce a unique sound which suits a variety of moods, Yes Mel brings joy to a variety of dance floors and ages. 


If a more specific mix is required, Yes Mel is happy to adapt and will still take you on a journey through time and space with mixes that are a little more focussed in genre, themes or tempo.



Yes Mel's passion for playlist creation began with her love and career in fitness, movement and dance. 

A career that began in 1989 has a dance aerobic teacher, and progressed into other movement disciplines such as spin instructor, hula hoop dance teacher, as well as more holistic mindful practices such as yoga, Somatics and mindful meditation.

Yes Mel's classes are not only popular for the knowledge and fun approach she brings, but also for the music content that suits the mood and complements the sessions, fully supporting an embodied practice.


I have seen Yes Mel grow and develop over the years into an outstanding DJ. She embodies all that she brings and takes the crowd with her. 

Party goers and other DJs have come up to me after and asked, who is this DJ? And I say “Its Yes Mel, isn’t she amazing!”

Samantha Moyo - Entrepreneur (founder of Morning glory & conscious party creator)