harmonise your health and happiness 

With a lifetime’s worth of work and experiences in body positivity, mindful movement and Trauma and Grief centred practices, Yes Mel brings her blend of passion and expertise in health and well-being to these enriching sessions. 


Addressing and nurturing the wide variety of human emotions and challenges faced today, Yes Mel suggests an alternative approach to tackling the effects and strains these have on our mental health and nervous system. 

If left unaddressed, the imbalancing effects of stress can lead to life threatening or chronic illnesses.


The Sound & Somatic workshops rewire and rejuvenate the cells, shift blocked energy and increase your awareness through the process of self-healing. 


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Yes Mel provides such a serene and peaceful presence at the Rest My Resistance Experiences. We loved the sounds of her crystal bowls and ancestral instruments

We experienced the soothing of every cell and aura in the room. Yes Mel also collaborated beautifully with the other in house artists, and I hope to work with her again in the future- 

Akila Richards (Founder of the Rest Experience)


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